May 04, 2013 · Your thinking is backwards. You think, "this guy could make a lot of money so I should charge more". That's absurd. You should be thinking, "how much is it worth for the service I will be providing?" Converting books to ebook format, especially i How much should I charge to have a 10 page ebook created I was just looking at a small ebook to drive traffic to my online course. I have a 75 page ebook and also one of about 10 pages that I've written myself and they both generate the traffic I need. This is the first time I've thought about outsourcing it and was curious as to what to charge. : Take Control with Self Publishing Self Publishing With Amazon’s self publishing services you can reach millions of readers worldwide and keep control of your work. It’s fast and easy to independently publish your print book with CreateSpace , your digital book with Kindle Direct Publishing and create an audiobook with ACX . Self Publishing Costs | How Much Does It Cost To Self Publish

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How Much Will It Cost to Self-Publish My eBook? How Much Will It Cost to Self-Publish My eBook? For prospective novelists, self-publishing is so often seen as the accessible option – the path that any old keyboard warrior can waltz down to arrive at authorhood. Ten Things You May Not Know About Ebook Prices – TechCrunch Jan 15, 2014 · How much should you pay for an ebook? $9.99? $0.99? $0? And how much should you price your ebooks? I’m going to tell you what people have actually paid for their ebooks, based on some hard data How Much Does It Cost To Self-Publish a Book?

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25 Jul 2018 eBook Pricing Strategies Every Author Needs to Know. On average, authors sell at least twice as many copies at $0.99 as they do at any. Books with poor cover design and books with no reviews will result in sales and  Pricing Your eBook: How Much Should I Charge 12 Mar 2015 How much should you charge for your e-book? There's no simple answer, but there are guidelines and strategies every indie author needs to 

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Print and eBook Cover Designs Creating your book A book synopsis, author photo and biography Does not include the monthly hosting cost of your website. An eBook pricing model that resulted in $100,000 in sales 21 May 2013 How you price a product can have a radical impact on the revenue you both released design ebooks on the same day (purely by chance). How much should an ebook cost? - The Domino Project 20 Dec 2011 The right question is: How much will an ebook cost? Which leads to my guess/proposal for creating buzz, particularly for unknown authors 

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developmental editing, formatting ebooks, cover design & book trailers in To format your Word manuscript as an ebook, the charge for basic services is $199. carefully read and revised at least four times and in some cases many more. eBook Design Jobs | Upwork Find over 96 jobs in eBook Design and land a remote eBook Design freelance of models for the book covers and the cost of each is not included in the price. The Real Costs of Producing an eBook - Publishing services

Amazon says its data shows if you priced an e-book at $14.99 and would have sold $100,000 of it at that price, you’d sell $179,000 of that same e-book if you cut the price to $9.99. Lower prices greatly expand the audience of potential buyers. The Real Costs of Producing an eBook - Publishing services Mar 15, 2013 · The Real Costs of Producing an eBook March 15, 2013 By David Wogahn 2 Comments As readers may know the cost of converting a Word file to an eBook format can be as low as $0.

11 Sep 2015 In light of the ongoing argument that Big Publishing is charging far too (You can also get cheaper cover designs if you use stock images.)  How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish an Ebook? - Sylvie 6 Jan 2016 If you are wondering how much it costs to self-publish an ebook, this is for you. The Absolute Minimum Cost of Creating an Ebook – $0. How much does it cost to make an ebook' or something like that? ebook formatting and ebook distribution cost analysis by Australian eBook Publisher. Our printed book design prices include project management, the 

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So many people write and promote eBooks because they work. Freelance designers typically charge per design, and eBook designs can range from $300 to 

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Jan 06, 2016 · The Absolute Minimum Cost of Creating an Ebook – $0. Instead, you can pay the $5 for a service like E-junkie, a “product fulfillment website.” When someone makes a purchase, it sends out the ebook to them automatically. You’ll also need a way to process payments. If you use PayPal, then this too could be free.